Thursday, 5 February 2015

2 Ingredient Custard Delight

Hi Everyone,

Today I have to share this awesome, EASY dessert!
I don't make it very often but when I do the whole family go nuts over it.  
The best thing about it, is that there are only 2 ingredients (3 if you garnish)

1 carton of Vanilla Custard
Ginger biscuits 

I use Ginger biscuits (cookies) but I've also made it with coconut biscuits and plain tea biscuits. I just like the ginger flavour best.

Its as simple as layering the biscuits and custard into serving dishes. Or you can double the quantity and make it in a larger container. Keep going till you run out of ingredients - just ensure the biscuits are completely covered.

Pop the dessert (covered) into the fridge for approx 5-6 hours, until the biscuits are soft.

Garnish with a sprinkle of grated chocolate if you like and serve cold!

So easy right? 
Seriously you will LOVE it! 

Let me know if you try it...

Take care


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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Brutus the Stingray

 Hey everyone,

I just have to share the awesome experience we had today.
My friend told us about this the other day and we decided to take a trip out to Gulf Harbour late this afternoon. 
At the Marina, there are HUGE fish and a special visitor called Brutus.

The owners of a local charter have been feeding the fish for years and were so lovely and friendly, they gave the kids bait and squid to feed the Kingfish and Snapper.

 There are also a few Stingrays making their presence known...

The highlight of the afternoon was meeting Brutus!
He is a stingray who likes to be hand fed by the locals.

Gabe was lucky enough to be given a pilchard to feed him.

 This was my view from the other side of the Marina. None of us expected that Brutus would come to Gabe to be fed...

 Here are the pics from Sean's phone, so much more exciting to be in on the action...


After his snack, Brutus stuck around for a bit of a pat before moving on in search of more food

The kids were so excited about their afternoon and want to go back again, very soon!
A very cool experience for them, Gabe is on such a high! And I'm so proud of how they handled themselves.

Here's a link to the story,if  you would like to read more about Brutus:

Take care


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Striped Beachy Blanket Box

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year (a bit late, sorry). I've done a few makeovers this Summer and I have so much to show you all. 

So lets start with this old blanket box, that I've had for about 12 years. It had seen better days and was looking really dated. Time for a bit of love and paint!


The first order of business was to remove the hardware (those corner arrow things, had to go!)
The bottom edging was just awful, many a toe had been stubbed on those sharp corners, so they were ripped off too!

After giving the whole chest a good clean, a layer of primer was painted. I sanded a few panels and left them unprimed so that I could stain them.

I used leftover paint samples to paint the wood panels. It was great fun mixing and matching the panels and a few had to be re-painted so that it looked more cohesive. Other than that, there was no rhyme or reason to the colours.

Once painted, I hand sanded and distressed the entire chest, then applied a couple of layers of polish to protect it.

 The side pulls and original latch went back on after a good clean. And I think it looks great.
The colours compliment each other and the chest fits perfectly with my beachy decor.

I love this transformation so much!

I know I neglected my blog last year so I'm going to make it my New Year's resolution to blog at least once a week, every week this year. So stick around in 2015 ;-)

Take care


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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Beachy Cone Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Everyone,

I whipped up this easy  tree last Christmas and in my rush , left out a few important photos, so read the text this time, not look at the few tutorial pics..

Right, so you will need; A polystyrene cone, glue and twine. Quite simply, wrap the twine around the cone, securing with glue, here and there,  as you go. Hot glue would work much better, but I was in a hurry at this point.

Then I painted these cute plastic beachy charms white and when dry, I threaded onto clear nylon thread and wound over the twine, securing with a dot of glue at the ends.

A small wooden craft star was painted white and once dry, I outlined with glue and sprinkled Epsom Salts on to it to give it a sparkle. Glue to the top of the tree.

And there you have a Beachy Christmas Tree.... I love it!

This is how I displayed it last year, a shelf full of beachy goodness!
  And here it is this year! Cute right?

I wish you all a wonderful and happy Christmas. 
Please be safe and take care.



Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Frosty the Popsicle Stick Snowman

 Hey Everyone,

I'm shared this post last year at Mammy Made. It's a super easy, super cute popsicle stick craft.

I totally copied this pin on pinterest - it's so so easy and I literally winged my way through it. So yes there are missing photos in my excitement to quickly complete this adorable snowman!

What you will need:
Popsicle / craft sticks ,  white and black craft paint , googly eyes , ribbon,  craft paper and a black sharpie.

Line up 8 or 9 sticks and paint them white (I glued another stick diagonally at the back to hold them all together).
Glue another stick across the front at an angle - this will be the rim of the hat. Paint the hat black.
Once the paint is all dry, glue on the eyes, cut out a triangle for the nose and glue it on (I used corregated craft paper). Draw the mouth on, glue a strip of ribbon along the hat.
To hang my snowman, I used black string tied to the hat ends.

 Payton has claimed him as her personal snowman ornament!

 I'm all about snowmen at Christmas time.... The kids think its so funny to have snowmen decorations during Summer. I guess it is...

 Is Frosty not the cutest popsicle stick snowman ever? 

He has pride of place on our tree, and I have to admit I love how easy he was to make and how well he turned out.

Take care