Thursday, 14 January 2016

Blingy Button Ring

 Hey Everyone,

I hope you've all had a great start to the New Year!
I had a very busy last quarter of 2015 and if you follow my Facebook page you'll see the work I put into my annual craft market.

Today I'm back and this year I'm hoping to include a number of easy jewelry tutorials again. So lets jump right in...

I saw this really awesome ring in our local store and one day I was digging through my button tin and found a button that looked similar to the setting of this particular ring....

What you need:
A cool blingy button with opening at the back
a few rounds of ring memory wire
E6000 or equivalent glue
silver spray paint (optional)

The button was white and as I wanted it to resemble silver, I taped off the blingy top part and spray painted the bottom bit with some left over silver - alternatively nail polish would also work. Once dry, thread the memory wire through the back.
 Hide the ends in the back of the button and add a dot of glue to secure.

I think this simple little ring would work with any button as long as the openings are at the back of the button. 
I just love it's sparkly bling... although my 8 year old girl has claimed it as her own, and honestly it looks better on her than me!

This is a great little project to do with tweens. It's quick, easy, cheap and the end result is really cute.


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Rascal - The Reindeer Elf

Hi Everyone,

Wow I cant believe I've been away from my blog so much this year. If you're missing me - I do a lot of Facebook blogging - so please look for me there too. I've just wrapped up 2 markets and I've put in many long nights, blood, sweat and tears. So now I can relax and get back into writing again.

So ... last year I really wanted to participate in the phenomenon that is "Elf on the Shelf" but I was too late in purchasing a real Elf and found this sweet little reindeer tree ornament to use instead.

I found a letter template on Pinterest and adapted it accordingly.

Isn't he the cutest little Reindeer Elf? 
He certainly lived up to his name though... little Rascal!

 Day 1 - He was found chilling on top of the cupboard (this was home base)
 2 - Scouting out the front of the house
 3 - Uh oh... someone trapped him in an old jam jar!
  4 - He was having a nap on top of the wind chimes 
Day 5 - He had gone for a joy ride in Strawberry Shortcake's car
  6 - Umm I think Rascal needs some privacy in the bathroom
  7- Oh dear he's a sandwich
  8 - He's gonna have a sore butt from sitting on top of that tree!
  Day 9 - Having a leisurely ride on the water!
10 - Looks like Rascal's balloon ride was destined for failure
11 - Snow Angels - he must be missing the snow
12 - Wasting toilet paper? Seriously!

  Day 13 - Exhausted, poor mite
14 - the Christmas tree
15 Polly Pocket looks like she's had to rescue poor Rascal from danger
16 Santa please stop here... I wanna go home
Day 17 - Schmoozing with the Monster High girls
18 - A  toilet paper pyramid? Hahaha
19 - Help Rascal has been trapped by a huge catapillar
20 -  Chilling in the freezer, missing the cold!

Day 21 -Meeting with the other reindeer
22 - Having a shower
23 - Who is he calling? Maybe Santa?
24 - Wearing the cookie cutter, silly elf!

We had so much fun with Rascal, but... he was nowhere to be found on Christmas morning and he hasn't been seen since. Our forever Elf arrived this week so check out his antics on my Instagram in the upcoming days.

Take care and be safe

Take care



Thursday, 13 August 2015

Rice Puff Treats

Hi Everyone,

Me again! Yup I know my posts have been really sporadic recently. I've been posting a lot on my Facebook page though, so pop on over and catch up with me there too.

Today I'm going to share the quickest, perhaps easiest sweet treat ever! I make these for special occasions like birthday parties, they are snapped up super quickly too.

You'll need: 
Chocolate buttons or cooking chocolate
Rice puffs
Mini marshmallows
Dessicated coconut

Microwave the chocolate buttons until melted, then add all the other ingredients, mix well. I add the ingredients a handful at a time and mix to make sure there is enough chocolate to even coat the dry ingredients.


Place tablespoonfuls of the mixture onto wax paper or into a mini cupcake wrapper

 Allow to set for about 20 minutes or place in the fridge.

 And that's as easy as it gets, right?
They're not pretty but they're so good. Limit yourself though because they're very sweet.

Take care

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Colourful Kmart Shadowbox Hack

Hi Everyone,

I know, I've been so awful at keeping my blog up to date, and I have so much to show you all. I'm going to make a concerted effort to post at least once a week from now on. No really!

 Today I want to show you my very simple take on the popular Kmart Shadowbox hack...

I started with this $12 shadowbox from Kmart.... pretty cool as it is but I had a wee plan in mind...

I painted the outside of the box and the edging white to start with, then used my left over pots of paint for each little shelf. I added white to the paint to give a "bright" pastel look, kind of like jelly.
Finally I painted the little heart white too.


Its a cute Lalaloopsy display house! My youngest girl was beside herself with excitement when she saw it.

Don't you think it looks a little like stained glass?

 My girls have had so much fun restyling their new display box.
 At the moment, the pony's have moved in and they look awesome too!

 I love projects like this, that are easy, inexpensive and fun to do.

Take care

Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Bead Peeps Swap and Hop 2015
Hey Everyone, 
If you've been wondering where I've been lately, well this is what I've been doing!
I've been creating and creating some more. 

I signed up for the Bead Peeps Swap and Hop run by the lovely Linda at From the Bead Board. Basically a whole bunch of us signed up and were then partnered off. We sent our partners, beads, focals and clasps, the challenge being that we have to create from the items sent to us. We can use some of our own stash too as long as we use the focal and clasp sent to us. 

This year my partner is the awesome Janice from The Jewelry Room
Look what she sent to me! So many treasures!

Lets get straight into the reveal...

How gorgeous is this focal? Janice handmade it herself! 
I have to admit this is the piece I left till last. I wanted to do the focal justice and spent a lot of time making and remaking this necklace. I'm really happy with the overall look.

I am absolutely blown away by this awesome clasp. Again handmade by Janice. I love how she was inspired by New Zealand.  She also made the copper connectors in this piece.

This bracelet with matching earrings were made with all the crystals in my package. I think the bracelet may be my favourite, just because of it's delicateness.

I teamed these blue/green beads with a bronze round from my stash. I love how these beads look like the ripples on a lake.

I have quite a few of these wrapped washers left over and plan to make a bracelet  to match.
I like the simple but striking style of 3 spheres together. The circle of Life.

I used the river pearls and teamed them up with earthy tones and an inspirational quote, to give a feeling of peace and calm.

I just love these blingy blue glass beads and couldn't resist making earrings with them.
 I used these brilliant handmade connectors with the blue beads, they have such a magical feel about them. 

 The second pair I made into hoops, they are really fun and would look great for a night out on the town.

 I am so inspired by all Janice's handmade items and I just love her connectors. These ones are my favourites, so I decided to make a very plain bracelet with them. I've worn it a few times already!

 Janice knows how much I love anything to do with the beach and these blue starfish are just beautiful. I decided to include them in a beachy charm bracelet. So cool!

I hope you all enjoyed my creations.

Don't forget to pop across to see my partner Janice's creations at The Jewelry Room. To follow all the other blogs taking part in the Swap and Hop - head on over to Linda's blog for the full list at From the Bead Board.

Take Care everyone, thanks for visiting.