Saturday 19 November 2016

Love Blocks - Made Over

Hey guys,

Its been a while again, I know! 
Its been a crazy busy year and as the kids get older, they get busier and life kind of gets away from me.
Today I wanted to share a little makeover that I did some time ago but of course never got around to blogging about.

These blocks were on sale at K-mart last year - I think they were $6. 
Of course I was going to paint them right?

I gently pried the letters off the blocks with a sharp knife. Painted the letters white and painted the blocks turquoise in a slight ombre effect.
Once all the paint was dry and after a quick sanding, I carefully glued the letters back onto the blocks!

Super easy! So pretty!

Of course they go with my decor, being white and turquoise, but any colour combination would be lovely.

When I tire of the blue, I think I'll paint the blocks white and the letters black again.

Take Care everyone, thanks for visiting.