Sunday 6 March 2016

Peony Pinata

Hey everyone,

Can you believe how fast this new year is racing by? Well this project is a bit late in getting written up, I made this pretty pinata for my friend's daughter a little while ago now...

I think I may like pinata making, it might be the getting my hands full of flour paste, I'm not sure. But I sure had a great time making it.

I found this pin of a Peony Pinata which was my inspiration.

What you will need:

A balloon
newspaper - torn or cut into strips
flour paste or wall paper paste
paint (optional)
coloured tissue paper


1. Make up the flour paste -
mix 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of water, and a tablespoon of salt. Stir until it starts to thicken.

2 . Blow the balloon up and cover in layers newspaper strips and flour paste (paper mache)

3. Dont forget to include the twine, this will hold the pinata up. Make sure you apply enough paper and paste over it so make it secure.

4. Once dry, paint as desired. Or not - its up to you , I just didn't want newspaper to show through.

5. Cut the petals out of the  tissue paper, see the pic no 2 above. I cute a half circle with a rectangle edge. Fold the rectangle part over. This is the bit you will glue to the pinata.

6. Working in a circle and starting from the bottom, glue the petals carefully on with craft glue. I went for an ombre type of look.

7. when you get to the top of the pinata, cut a small opening, this will be where you fill it with goodies. 

Oh my goodness, how cute did it turn out? I have to admit I was super surprised that it worked.

My friend's daughter and her friends had a great time smashing it open and a great time at the party. I hope you're inspired to try this at home. It really was so much fun to make.

Take care 


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