Sunday 29 July 2012


 Just had to share this adorable photo I took yesterday .

Cuteness overload...

Hope you are all having a happy Sunday



Friday 27 July 2012

From Toy Chest to Cupboard

 Hey guys,

If you have been following me from the very first post, you know that I gave this toy chest a new paint job from dirty cream to a beachy stripe.

Well, the chest has not actually been working for me anymore, in fact it was just taking up space in our little house and it was storing junk...I was reluctant to get rid of it as it was my toy chest as a child, handmade by my grandfather.

Time for a change...... I decided that it could be converted to a cupboard as it fitted perfectly next to my bed. Sean built a little base for it and added a shelf and door latch inside. He also sanded the whole thing down for me.

My little helpers jumped at the chance of painting the base coat and in turn were covered in paint! Hmm... anyway they had fun together. 
The top coat is a very bright turquoise.

I bought a seriously cool wooden heart shape from Spotlight a while ago, because my bedroom will have a heart theme when I eventually get around to making it over. 
I painted one side of the heart white, and gently pressed that side down onto the lid. It was really uneven in places but I was actually pleased with the effect.

A few days later - I applied a dark wood stain to the whole cupboard. I wiped the stain on with a soft cloth and wiped it off immediately. After another 24 hours I polished the surface twice and buffed to give it a smooth finish..

I love how cute it is and the extra storage is really great 
Now I need a lamp and something special to display on the top...I'm still thinking about that....

Thanks for stopping by everyone, have a safe and happy weekend



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Simple Shell Display

Hey Everyone,

Today I am going to show you a very simple yet stylish display.

My dear bloggy friend Danni from Silo Hill Farm got me onto the
 the Great Glitzy Hack-Off/Craft-Off which is a Z Gallerie Knock-Off Showdown hosted by Life in Rehab and three bed semi going on all this week.

Here is the inspiration for my project. The actual item for sale here is the bag of shells - but I liked the whole look...

 I literally just grabbed a glass from the cupboard and added some of my many shells....
So easy and pretty. I'm liking the blue of my glass with the shells....

So there you have it - my Z-Gallerie Knockoff..... And I think I may just be rocking it...


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Sunday 22 July 2012

"In the Garden" Bracelet Giveaway

Hey Everyone,

I'm nearly at 100 followers on Facebook. 

And here is the fun giveaway once I reach 100....

 So remember to pop over to NorthShore Days on Facebook and click "LIKE" to be in to win...

Have a great Sunday

Edited to add - the bracelet was won by Anna from My Life and Kids. Yay  - I hope you enjoy your new bracelet Anna



Friday 20 July 2012

Banana Yoghurt Ices

I know its Winter here, but my kids will eat ice-cream any chance they can. 

They love the stuff. It barely lasts a couple of days in our house and its not the cheapest or healthiest after-dinner treat. And to be honest my 3 are pretty fussy eaters to start off with, so I struggle to get "healthy" food into them on a daily basis..

I have been making these homemade treats for a while and the kids still love them. You can use any fruit, milk or yoghurt.

All you need is a cup of milk, 2 individual size tubs of yoghurt and 1 - 2 banana's. And a popsicle set.

Blend all the ingredients till smooth

This mixture makes approx 8 servings. I have 2 popsicle sets so I make double.

 Freeze overnight and they are ready.

They are really creamy and yummy, and I'm back to square one of trying to get them to last a few days..

 I love this shot that I took against the winter sun pouring in through the kitchen window... Reminds me of Summer.

 I sure hope you try out this easy recipe -  healthy and delicious.



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These Peas Taste Funny

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Key Frames from Sweet Little Bluebird


Hey Everyone,
I hope you are having a great week so far.

Today I wanted to show you what my fantastic blog friend Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird sent me.
I've had them a while already and they are loving displayed in my bedroom.

When I first "met" Mary, she had just linked up these gorgeous Key Frames, at a linky party.

I loved them so much and I actually tried to find the supplies here in New Zealand couldn't find the keys or anything similar so instead I made something  using hearts instead.

Well a couple of months ago Mary sent me 2 of my very own and I did a little happy dance...

Aren't they gorgeous? I bet you would do the dance of happiness too, if you received these in the mail...

Mary also sent me 5 "Choose Joy" wristbands from Lil Blue Boo - stop by the link and visit a while - you will be so glad you did.

Thanks Mary, you are a wonderful friend...Sorry it took so long to share my photos.


Monday 16 July 2012

Ocean Shell Ring

Hello Everyone

I have an easy ring tutorial for you all today..

It is super easy to make, really! Don't let all the photo's daunt you. 

You will need: a few beads of your choice , 18-20 gauge jewelry wire, 2 crimps, long nose pliers, and something to use as a measure for your finger size (ideally you would use a ring mandrel, but the lid of my nail polish bottle worked perfectly)

I have taken a picture of every step so if you follow those without even reading my instructions - you will be fine... Lets start..

Using the wire, measure your finger, gently place around the mandrel/bottle lid and wind around a few times. Remember to keep the wire tightly packed together and it should stay in shape while you are handling it

Cut the wire from the roll and work with the coils you have made. Thread a crimp on first then your beads, then another crimp.

I found it easier to keep placing my ring onto the lid to keep the coils together and to keep reshaping as I worked. When you are happy with the location of the beads, then its time to neaten the ends by folding them at the bottom, as pictured. Use the pliers to keep the wire neat and tight. Make sure you have no sharp ends sticking out.

Once the ends have been neatened off, then tighten the crimps on either side of the beads.
To add strength to the ring and to help keep its shape - I added extra wire to the sides (optional) just by winding a piece around andending off as I did before. Give the outer coils a little pull so they frame the beads and voila!!

Now its time to show off your new ring, wear it and take photo's of it...

Easy right? Sooooo easy!!!

 Ithought it would be fun to match the ring with my Beach Inspired Bracelet. Worked perfectly don't you think?

Take care



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