Monday 3 December 2012

Cheat's Advent

  Christmas snuck up on me this year. 
 I knew it was coming but I was so busy with the craft show that time for anything else kind of fell by the wayside.

Last year I made a cute advent calendar which the kids enjoyed, but I didn't have time to make one and I didn't want to buy one (make that 3)

So I cheated!! 

Here's what you need:

A chalkboard sticker, a Christmas gift bag, candy and chocolate
  Literally, cut out the sticker, peel and stick on and write a message - I did the countdown to Christmas.

I divided all the candy and chocolates into bags (3 items in each bag) and dropped them in the gift bag.

Seriously? Could it be any easier???

  And.. the kids are so, so excited to countdown and receive a treat...

I may still make an Advent next Christmas but so far this has been way more popular than last year's one. 

It worked out to be about the same price as having to buy 3 cheap Advent calenders and the kids like that they get a variety of treats in the bag.

And it was a quick, easy project...gotta love that!!!

Take care everyone,

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  1. Natalie you are so resourceful! This is a clever idea and looks cute too! I miss having kids here everyday and doing an advent calendar!

    1. Thats the fun for the kids getting a treat every day . xxx

  2. Great idea Nat, I just checked out last years one, I've been wanting to do a matchbox one but I didn't want to buy all the matches since we don't use them (tight hey)

    1. haha Mel - matches are so cheap too - you're so funny xxx

  3. I'm loving the cheat advent! I think Alex would like the grab bag aspect too. If I hadn't happened upon that Christmas tree version I would be copying and easy! Smart thinking MOM!

  4. I love your Cheat Advent! You'll have to do this one again since it was such a hit...and another one too! :)

  5. What a great idea Natalie! So simple and easy to do!

  6. what a really clever idea

    would love it if you could share this on my link party @

    Natasha xx


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