Thursday 28 November 2013

Days of Christmas - Minion Ornaments

Hi Everyone,

Today, I'm starting the countdown to Christmas! I've made a conscious effort to craft more this Season... and to make them kid friendly crafts too...

Hence our Minions in Minutes!!!!

Basically what you will need are polystyrene balls painted yellow, googly eyes, black marker pen, silver paint pen and a black pipe cleaner (not pictured)

 I painted the polystyrene balls the night before and got the kids to help draw on the goggles and mouths and glue on the eyes. Cut the pipe cleaner into short pieces and stab directly into the ball (for the hair).
I added a small eyelet behind the hair for the twine to hang the ornament.
They're not perfect but they were so fun to make and I think they turned out pretty cute for a quick child friendly craft.

The kiddos are so excited and can't wait for the 1st to be able to hang their Minions on the tree.

This project took about 15 minutes (not including the drying time for the paint) and cost us nothing as we had all the supplies on hand... My kind of craft!!!

Stay tuned for more Days of Christmas....

Take Care





  1. I have never seen that movie, but those are so cute! I do not have one Christmas project on the horizon this year!

  2. I LOVE the minions these are so cute Nat!

  3. Haha these are freakin cute. I am going to make my great niece and nephew one for Christmas. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! Pinning

  4. Natalie, those are so,so cute! My little minions LOVE minions! We need to try to make these!

  5. These have turned out so good. I am not crafting this holiday season so far. So my kids cannot see this project. Otherwise they are going to be me to make them. VERY CUTE!


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