Saturday 7 December 2013

Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial

Hey Everyone,

Today I want to share as easy as pie ring tutorial, these are great to make as gifts or for yourself!

I was inspired by this  pinterest pin. However the blog linked to the pin is not active anymore but I figured the picture was pretty self explanatory.

All you need is 20 gauge jewelry wire!!!

And something to cut the wire - so pliers too. 
If you have a ring mandrel then you can use that, but I used the lid of my nail polish bottle as it measures the right size for my finger.

 Simply..... wind the wire around the mandrel (nail polish lid) until you are happy with the width of it, then secure the end by winding it a few times around the bottom point of the ring. Use your pliers to neaten it up and tuck away any sharp ends. I gently opened the ring a little as I like that spread out look.

I think it looks really nice with my titanium band

 Or on its own...
  Either way its cute, versatile and super simple and quick to make.

What do you all think? It's definitely a favourite  in my jewelry box.

Take care





  1. So very pretty and pretty simple too! I love your jewelry tutes Nat! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. This is so pretty, and you make it look like a jewelry reject like me, might actually be able to make it.

  3. I really like that although I never go simple I'd have to force myself not to add a bead. I love the idea of using the nailpolish bottle.


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