Friday 18 April 2014

Fun Bunny Nails

 So I tried to do cute nail art... note the word "tried", for Easter... but alas, it looked better in my mind. 

My girls love having their nails done so when I saw these sweet bunnies I decided to give it a go.

 (image from Spoonful)

I did Payton's nails first - in my defense, she was not the most patient customer...
 She did love them though...
 Then I did Maclayne's nail..yep 1 nail.. I'd learned my lesson by then! She smudged it pretty much immediately after the photo..sigh!
 Then I tried to do a better job on me.... yeah, it didn't work like that!

But we had fun, loads of girly giggling and twirling and happiness. So for the girls, their nails were a success and they beg me almost daily to do them again. And even though it's not the best nail art, I'll definitely be trying out new ideas for my girls (yes...and me!)

Happy Easter everyone

Take care




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  1. They turned out so cute!!! I love that they are asking you to do it again and again. :) come to think of it...I'm in need a mani....wanna fly out and help a sister out?


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