Friday 19 September 2014

Summer Chicken and Salad Wraps

I originally posted this over at Inspiration Cafe for the Soups and Sandwiches series.

It's nearly Summer here in New Zealand and time for refreshing salads and light meals. Yum! My dear friend was visiting this week and I thought I would treat her to a delicious wrap for lunch...

So easy and you can use any ingredients you like for the filling, I chose fancy lettuce, cheese, carrot, tomato and smoked chicken slice

 Warm the wrap slightly in the microwave and spread a layer of mayonaise over it, layer with the ingredients, season and wrap!

 And serve!

So easy and so delicious! Perfect for a warm day!
Now the Soup.
My favourite go too light meal is Tomato "Cup a Soup" with cheese.

 If the kids and Sean are having something I don't like (cough, cough, mac n cheese, cough) then I'll whip up a cup of soup with boiling water, grate a handful of cheese, add to hot soup and serve with a slice of bread or two.

 I know there's no cooking involved here, but I wanted to pay homage to my favourite student meal that I still love to this day. Great for a quick meal.

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