Sunday 6 December 2015

Rascal - The Reindeer Elf

Hi Everyone,

Wow I cant believe I've been away from my blog so much this year. If you're missing me - I do a lot of Facebook blogging - so please look for me there too. I've just wrapped up 2 markets and I've put in many long nights, blood, sweat and tears. So now I can relax and get back into writing again.

So ... last year I really wanted to participate in the phenomenon that is "Elf on the Shelf" but I was too late in purchasing a real Elf and found this sweet little reindeer tree ornament to use instead.

I found a letter template on Pinterest and adapted it accordingly.

Isn't he the cutest little Reindeer Elf? 
He certainly lived up to his name though... little Rascal!

 Day 1 - He was found chilling on top of the cupboard (this was home base)
 2 - Scouting out the front of the house
 3 - Uh oh... someone trapped him in an old jam jar!
  4 - He was having a nap on top of the wind chimes 
Day 5 - He had gone for a joy ride in Strawberry Shortcake's car
  6 - Umm I think Rascal needs some privacy in the bathroom
  7- Oh dear he's a sandwich
  8 - He's gonna have a sore butt from sitting on top of that tree!
  Day 9 - Having a leisurely ride on the water!
10 - Looks like Rascal's balloon ride was destined for failure
11 - Snow Angels - he must be missing the snow
12 - Wasting toilet paper? Seriously!

  Day 13 - Exhausted, poor mite
14 - the Christmas tree
15 Polly Pocket looks like she's had to rescue poor Rascal from danger
16 Santa please stop here... I wanna go home
Day 17 - Schmoozing with the Monster High girls
18 - A  toilet paper pyramid? Hahaha
19 - Help Rascal has been trapped by a huge catapillar
20 -  Chilling in the freezer, missing the cold!

Day 21 -Meeting with the other reindeer
22 - Having a shower
23 - Who is he calling? Maybe Santa?
24 - Wearing the cookie cutter, silly elf!

We had so much fun with Rascal, but... he was nowhere to be found on Christmas morning and he hasn't been seen since. Our forever Elf arrived this week so check out his antics on my Instagram in the upcoming days.

Take care and be safe

Take care


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