Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Charming little Bracelet

Hey Everyone,

I'm keeping warm indoors making jewellery again...

Loving memory wire guys.... loving it!

For this bracelet - I used a selection of charms on jump rings, clear seed beads, clear glass tube beads and of course memory wire.

For this bracelet, I wanted to meet at the wrist, not overlap, so I cut it longer than I wanted and cut it down to size when I was happy with the way it looked.

To make: 

Make a loop at one end of the wire and include a charm in the loop, 
thread on a seed bead, then thread on 4 - 5 tube beads then a seed bead, a charm and another seed bead before adding 4-5 more tube beads. 

I used the seed beads to hold the charms in place and to add dimension to the bracelet. Continue in the pattern and end off with another loop including a charm.

Sweet and super easy too...

Cute right?

This may just be my new favourite bracelet to make....

Also before I forget - for those of you interested in charms - check out this website Charm Factory. They have a huge selection of seriously awesome charms.

Take care



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  1. Oh there you go again Natalie! You make such gorgeous jewelry! I'm inspired!

    1. Aw thank you Danni - its so so easy.... I'm dying to see your creations

  2. I love how beautiful and simple your jewelry always turns out and this piece is no exception. Georgous!

    1. Allison - I love your new bracelet to! Thank you xxxx

  3. It's just gorgoeus - perhaps you should open an etsy shop. I know you gift lots of jewellry (lucky me) but you seem to create a lot !

    1. Fiona - I have thought about it - I don't feel my stuff is up to standard yet - and there isn't really a market for it in NZ.
      I wont say no for definite tho.... Thanks hunni xxx

  4. Your charming little bracelet is CHARMING. So Sweet. You create the best pieces, Nat!

    1. Thank you Mary - you're so sweet xxx

  5. That is adorable. Cute and not all that hard--you may be a genius!


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