Saturday 12 May 2012

Entryway Storage Bench

Hi Everyone,

I shared our new entryway bench earlier in the week at Applestone Drive

Our house is really tiny and storage is my biggest issue and with 3 kids.... their stuff is always everywhere and I was finally over it! 

This is what their bookshelf was looking like when I decided to makeover this corner. I had to find a use for the bookcase and it was destined to be dumped even though there is nothing wrong with it (okay it is extremely ugly - but still functional)...

It is really sturdy, so I started thinking about what we could do with it..... Then it came to me! I would love a mudroom, Winters here in New Zealand are so mucky and the kids are always tracking mud in and then tossing their shoes everywhere. What we really need is somewhere to store their backpacks and shoes.....

I explained to Sean what I wanted, and he got onto working out a design.... He built the frame...

Added a piece of wood as a seat and to reinforce the "bench". 
We found some spare drawer knobs in the garden shed and added them to the frame.

Then it was my turn.... I painted all the wood bits white, leaving the laminated bookshelf as it was (I wasn't too keen on trying to paint it, knowing what a beating it would be taking from the kids).

I already had the baskets, as I had bought them on sale a few months ago. So to tie the whole look together - I used twine and a shell to decorate.

The minute the bench was moved into its position in the hallway, the kids raced to store their stuff on it....

At some stage, I think I will paint those panels with blackboard paint and also add hooks to hang summer caps and hats.

But for now I think it looks pretty good in the hallway and it has been fantastic having the kids so well organised in the mornings... And I'm certainly enjoying how much tidier my house is!

Happy weekend...

Take care 



  1. That looks amazing Nats! I love all your transformations and white too.

    xxx Audra

    1. It has made such a difference to our mornings Auds xxx

  2. That looks great Natalie! You know I love the shell! I think the chalkboard paint is a great idea too! Seems like there are so many "reminders" for school and that would be a great place to write them. Awesome job!

    1. The only issue with the chalkboard paint is that it is so so expensive here Danni - so I will wait until I have more to paint with it xxx

  3. It's perfect! I've been wanting something just like this!!


    1. Leanne - it was so super easy to make - took a day xxx

  4. Perfect storage for the entry - lucky that you have someone to build your ideas! Love the idea of adding chalkboard paint!!

    1. Kelly I'm so lucky I have my Sean to fulfil all my building needs without complaint - he is very special xxx


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