Saturday 26 May 2012

Beautiful Painted Vase

Hey Everyone,

Yep still addicted to my painted glassware....

I wanted to quickly show you this gorgeous vase transformation. 

My husband's grandmother gave me this vase many years ago and it's pretty much just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust.  For Christmas last year - I filled it with sparkly balls and kind of left it.

Then following on from my current jar painting obsession, I grabbed a paintbrush and actually painted the vase instead of swirling the paint around in it.

Now - what if I wanted to display fresh flowers in my vase, I hear you ask? 
Very simply, pop a plastic container into your vase, fill with water and flowers and voila your vase can still be functional....

I used an old coffee container and fake flowers to show you how you too, can do this...

A few weeks ago you may have seen my beautiful vase in my beachy candles post

Looks great now, don't you think?

Take care 




  1. I just love your vase and love the colour blue. Great job Nats!


  2. Awesome as usual Natalie! (I swear, you just show those beachy containers to make me so jealous!!)

  3. What a pretty color too! The beach embellished candles are making me want a trip to the is a long weekend!

    1. Thanks Sherry - we went to the beach today in the winter weather - it was still awesome xxx

  4. I love both projects :)Looks great puts a smile on my face.

  5. I love it! Great idea, I have tons of vases around here that could use a facelift! And I LOVE those candles!!

  6. This is such a great idea Natalie, a really clever way of updating glassware.
    I can see why it's become a bit of an obsession !

    1. Fiona - I've had to stop myself - I havn't bought any paint these last few weeks just because I do not have the space to display any more jars...haha

  7. I love that color blue, Nat - it's so soft and pretty with the flowers. You did such a great job - I love your painted jars! The embellished candles are adorable! Hugs to you from OHIO!


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