Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Beach Inspired Jewellery

  I've been creating beach inspired bracelets again!!! 

Remember this one from our first Inspiration Cafe post?

I had so many inquiries about it so I went on the hunt for more of those awesome greeny coloured beads only to find that the line had been discontinued. Seriously???

So I changed the beads out a little and came up with 2 versions of my original 

in blue.....

 and green....

Which do you like? Its pretty hard to choose right?

Don't forget to check out my matching rings here

and here

I'm thinking a necklace next or even a pair of earrings.....

What do you all think?


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  1. are getting good good good! These are stunning!

  2. Natalie, these are SO GORGEOUS!!! Can't make my mind up over the blue or the them both! :-)

  3. Natalie your jewelry is gorgeous! The green is really beachy...

  4. Love them both, they're gorgeous, and congratulations on opening your etsy shop.
    I'm so glad you went for it, I hope it's going well !


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