Sunday 26 August 2012

I Have A New 5 Year Old...

My little girl turned 5 this weekend!

On Monday she starts school, she will let go of my hand that she has held onto tightly for the last 5 years and start to grow up. 

Am I ready for her to go? Hell No.
Is she ready? More than ready.

Happy Birthday my very precious daughter. 
I'm so proud of how far you have come, how hard you work to achieve what you want and how kind and loving you can be.

I'm so proud of your strong personality, feisty attitude and soft heart.

Most of all - I'm proud to be your mum.





  1. Your daughter is gorgeous Natalie! My little girl will be 5 in 3 weeks and starts school next Feb (Australia schooling) so I know exactly how you feel. Love the photo collage, very clever. Good luck and all the best, x Julie

  2. You have a beautiful 5 year old and it sounds like she has a lot of her mother's great qualities! She'll do fine...she got a great start!

  3. Belated Birthday wishes to Payton - love the party hat !

    1. That hat was from her last day at kindergarten - so sweet xxx

  4. Belated but heartfelt happy birthday wishes little one, have fun!


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