Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Inspiration Cafe

Hi Everyone,
5 more sleeps till we officially launch

Inspiration Cafe

Let me tell you a little bit about our collaboration... We are 5 bloggers who have come together as a team to share our different passions with each other and our readers. 
We will be posting each Monday, and we would love for you to join in the fun. 

Danni will be sharing crafts and Mary has some great recipes up her sleeve.
 Heather is our talented sewer and quilter and I will be making jewelry.

As for our name? Well we want to inspire you to try something new while you sit back and relax with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. 
Pop in, say hi and stay for a chat...

We are so excited about our new collaboration and we have a Facebook page too. Click on the link and be our Facebook friend - we would love to meet you

So remember this Monday the 4th June - the Cafe will be opening - see you there



Saturday, 26 May 2012

Winter on the Beach

We set out for a walk along the beach today. It was Gabe's first time on the sand in 3 months, he was free, his leg is healed and we are so proud of him....

The kids loved being out at the beach again even though the sky was grey,
It was pretty cold but Payton still decided to take a bit of a swim, which was the reason we headed back home...

Have a great weekend 



Beautiful Painted Vase

Hey Everyone,

Yep still addicted to my painted glassware....

I wanted to quickly show you this gorgeous vase transformation. 

My husband's grandmother gave me this vase many years ago and it's pretty much just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust.  For Christmas last year - I filled it with sparkly balls and kind of left it.

Then following on from my current jar painting obsession, I grabbed a paintbrush and actually painted the vase instead of swirling the paint around in it.

Now - what if I wanted to display fresh flowers in my vase, I hear you ask? 
Very simply, pop a plastic container into your vase, fill with water and flowers and voila your vase can still be functional....

I used an old coffee container and fake flowers to show you how you too, can do this...

A few weeks ago you may have seen my beautiful vase in my beachy candles post

Looks great now, don't you think?

Take care 



Saturday, 19 May 2012

Upcycled Pendant Necklace

  Hi Everyone,

 I love making Jewelry, its a great passion of mine and I'm always on the lookout for something unique and interesting that can be worn on any occasion. I like to re-purpose or up cycle items if possible, which brings me to this easy little project...

I had this watch that I got for my 21st many years ago and had long since stopped working. So I took it apart, not quite sure what I would do with it.

I decided to stamp on the metal face, but if you look closely you will see that some of the markings started to rub off during the stamping process. 

I used a Sharpie to enhance the stamped letters and when I wiped the excess ink off, the rest of the watch markings came off too. 

Now I was left with basically a plain pendant - which was actually okay.

While looking for components to add to my pendant, I decided on an old ring that was part of a set that I never wore and and earring which had lost its partner ages ago. And a large flat ring I had in my craft box.

Using E6000 I glued the ring onto the pendant. I also made a small hole into the top of the pendant using a needle and hammer, so that a jump ring could be threaded through.

I cut the back off the earing and glued it into the pendant, over the hole in the middle. Then added the flat ring to the pendant with a jump ring.

 I also came across a stash of really old Sterling silver chains at the back of my cupboard and one was the perfect length.....

 I love how it turned out and it cost me nothing except a bit of my time. 

The possibilities are endless, so have a look in your jewelry box or stash of broken watches and make yourself a fabulous new item...

Take care everyone,

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I recieved 3 Awards.....

 Hello Everyone,

Recently I received 3 Awards from 3 fantastic bloggers and I have neglected writing this post. Sorry ladies.

As I have already been nominated for these awards - I would like to do something different and instead of passing the awards on and writing points about myself (coming in the "About Me" tab soon anyway), I thought I would do a little featurette on these 3 bloggers.

First Up the Versatile Blogger Award was awarded to me by Allie from  
The Inspired Momma

The Inspired Momma

Allie has only been blogging since March and has a lovely blog where she shares her great ideas

She turns her boys' scribbles into art work

 She made over her doormat and gave it a name - yes you guessed it ..."Matt"

 And shows how she organised her boys' room - what a cute room

 Thanks for the award Allie! 

The Versatile Blogger Award was also awarded to me by BJ from 


BJ showed us her amazing Under the Stairs Playhouse

Which won her the Best DIY Project of 2011 Contest run by Not Just a Housewife - an awesome achievement. 

And got her featured on Remodeholic !!!!

She was featured on Remodeholic again - for the Murphy Bed that she built!!!! Go BJ...

BJ also ran a very inspirational A-Z series for April and she hosts a weekly linky party.

Thanks for thinking of me BJ

The Liebster Award was passed onto me by Sharla from  

Sharla has also only been blogging since March and she shares the most gorgeous photos in her posts

Just look at this butterfly

I absolutely love this cupboard that lives on her porch, she shows us how she made it over. I totally want it....

And this Hanging Planter Basket Lamp- how gorgeous is it?

  Thank you for the award too , Sharla.

I'm so overwhelmed that these bloggers thought of me to pass these awards onto. 
So please pop by and visit them and say hi, you will be so glad you did..

Thanks again ladies

Also a quick reminder.... Once I reach 50 Facebook followers I will be drawing the winner of the giveaway....Nearly there...

You can win this fabulous Resin Pendant

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Take care



Thursday, 17 May 2012

Winter Inspired Bracelet

Hi Everyone,

I recently shared this bracelet at Finding My Way in Texas....

 I have only recently decided that I like memory wire, and I have created a number of bracelets already, but none for myself.

I decided on a themed bracelet and since Winter is upon us here in New Zealand, why not make a Winter inspired bracelet?

 What you will need:
Memory wire
beads - mine are white, clear and turquoise
headpins, jump rings and spacers

Cut the memory wire to the length of your choice. Using pliers bend one end of the wire to form a loop - this is where I added a turquoise bead on a headpin.

 Thread the beads onto the wire and end off with a loop again....

I had to re-thread my bracelet a few times to get the look I liked and I think the end result is really pretty. 

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago on a cold Sunday afternoon, looking out to the Harbour Bridge....

 My bracelet reminds me of our Winter sky....

And you have to pop over to The SweetTalk Shop and see the absolutely beautiful bracelets that Lisa has made. She says that this tutorial inspired her memory wire bracelet - but I think I may actually be inspired by her creation.

Take care