Sunday 15 April 2012

Pinterest Inspired Box Shelf

Hello Everyone,

I'm so sorry I've been quiet lately, hopefully when Gabe is better and schools are back from break, I'll be back to posting more regularly....

Today I wanted to share this sweet little craft I recently completed.

Remember last month I set myself a Pinterest craft challenge?

I adore these box shelves and since I had a wooden box that was doing nothing but looking ugly, I decided to give it a makeover....

via Pinterest

First, I painted a coat of charcoal grey on the outer sides. When dry I rubbed wax from a candle along the edges, and painted 2 coats of white over the grey. 

When the paint is completely dry, scrape the edges with a blunt knife or your fingernail and the paint will peel off easily where the wax is.

I modged a sheet of scrapbook paper into the back of the box. 

It has such a sweet poem written on it...

Old things are more beautiful than many things brand new
Because they bring fond memories of things we used to do.
Old photographs in albums, love letters tied with lace
Recapture those old feelings that new ones cant replace
Baby shoes, a teddy bear, a ring that Grandma wore
Are treasures waiting there behind a door marked " Nevermore"
Old thing are more beautiful, more precious day by day
Because they are the flowers we planted yesterday

by Clay Harrison

   I hung my new box shelf above the made over computer desk 

So, I need to make a few more, don't you think? 

I'm surprised how much i like this little shelf to be honest, and I love my painted jars displayed in it.

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  1. Everything you make, I love! Honestly, it's kind of creepy. This is georgous and I love it for displaying your bottles.

    1. Haha - told you we were separated at birth lol. Thanks Al xx Nat

  2. I love this Natalie, funnily enough I was just looking at a box this morning and thought of doing something similar. Can I ask how you attached it to the wall ?

    1. Hi Fiona - I hung up the box with 3M Command Strips - I love them and use them for hanging everything!!! Cant wait to see your box shelf xx Nat

  3. I love it....especially with all the pretty painted jars!

    1. I'm loving my jars too and my little shelf. Thank you for your sweet comment xx Nat

  4. I love the box frame the jars look amazing in it and love the washer accents. All so creative. Everytime I see those jars makes me think of the beach!! just lovely!! Thanks for sharing at SweetTalkin' Sunday!! Hope your son is doing better!!

    1. Thanks Lisa - yes Gabe is on the mend - 3 more weeks before he can walk again xxx Nat


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