Thursday 20 December 2012

Glitter Heart Decorations

Only a few days till Christmas! Yikes...where has this year gone?

We have started our Summer Holidays and already I'm having to find activities for the kids...
So today I'm sharing a simple child friendly craft....

I had originally planned to neatly stitch these felt heart decorations, but time got away from me again and I decided the kids could help me out with glue and glitter..

What you need:

 Felt, ribbon, glue, glitter!

What to do:

Cut out the heart shapes x 2 (I used a wooden shape that I had).
Cut ribbon lengths and glue down on the wrong side of the felt.
Glue the second piece on top. Allow to dry.
Run a line of glue along the front of the heart making a heart shape.
Shake glitter over the glue and allow to dry, remove excess.
Oh my goodness - so easy!!!! I managed to get 6 hearts out of the piece of felt I had, but they are so cute I think I would like more for the tree....
Also how cute would these be as a quick last minute gift idea?
I prefer these to the decorations I had originally planned to do...
And best of all, the kids could help with this one!

Take care everyone,

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  1. Oh cute, you could do this for Valentines day as well

  2. Great idea for the kiddies! Who doesn't have scrap felt, glue and glitter hanging around?

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Your glitter hearts are very cute! They would make a great last minute gift idea or use them as gift tags too. Thanks for chatting with me this morning on FB, we are so far apart in this world that we share!

    1. I didnt think of gift tags - thats a great idea Heather.
      Great chatting too, we are far apart but the world is so much smaller these days.
      have a great Christmas xx Nat


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