Monday 11 February 2013

10 Good Things about a Broken Arm

10 good things about having a broken arm (if you're a 5 year old girl...) 

1. You can ride the wheelchair like a champ in the hospital waiting room..... 

2. You get to do fun stuff like go to the movies..score!

 3. You can still play at the park with your siblings....

 4. And perform hair raising stunts just to freak Mum out....
5. You get to wear cool hearing protection when your cast is cut off...then you get to have 2 lollipops !!!
6. You can choose the colour of your new cast... purple is best for outfit co-ordination

7. You can play dolls and take up all the space you want.... then leave the dolls for someone else (aka Mum) to pick up!
 8. Your little sister will become your shadow and want to hold your "sore" hand all the time..

9. You can help Mum with her crafts...Yay? No? No...
 10. You're allowed to act like a diva and a Princess cos we know you only really have 1 arm!!  

 Again I'm not saying - go out and break a bone..... but.....

Its pretty cool when you're 5!!!

Take care everyone,




  1. hahaha - very cool way to spend the Summer...maybe not.

    1. Haha - gotta try look at the fun bits. I did one for Gabe so had to do one for missy! xxx

  2. tu es courageuse et ta petite aussi elle est a croquer elle a un visage de poupée je la félicite car ce ne doit pas être drôle tout les jours tu lui rend la vie agréable en tout cas gros bisous a ta petite famille biz

  3. Aww...she always has the best smile on her sweet little face! What a cutie. Sorry she broke her arm. Doesn't seem to be phasing her! Cute purple cast!

    1. Karen she really just got on with it, she is a tough wee thing xxx

  4. Natalie she is gorgeous!!! Tell her from me the purple looks stunning and just right :-) xxx

    1. Thanks Jutta, she was adamant she wanted the purple and it looks so cool!

  5. Way to look at the positive side Nat!!! I still agree with Mary....bubble wrap!!

  6. The silver lining to a broken arm. :) I love the purple glad it is off! xo


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