Wednesday 17 July 2013

Fake Distressed Wood Candles

Hey Everyone,

I posted this over at Silo Hill Farm a couple of weeks ago while Danni was away...

Today I'm going to show you a neat little trick to dress up those cheap dollar store candles, without spending a lot of money.

My project calls for fake wood cardstock, but really you could use pattern you like.

It's as easy as 1 2 3....

Measure the card and cut to size, then stick it to the candle with double sided tape.
I embellished mine, very simply, with twine.

Wouldn't these make the cutest gifts? Or center pieces?

 But to be extra careful, remove the card if you plan to burn the candles.
I like my candles to be part of my decor so they are very rarely if ever, lit.

So easy, no mess, minimal cost and a great decor "pick me up".

Take care


  1. I loved this post! I still can't believe I thought those were real wood!!

  2. I loved this the first time I saw it over at Danni's and I love it even more the second time around. I still can't believe that's paper. It looks great.

  3. I loved, loved, loved these over at Danni's. Such a cool, easy project. They look so much like real, chippy wood pieces. Pinned ~ Amy

  4. I love rustic decor! These are awesome!


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