Thursday 15 August 2013

Summer Garden - A Statement Necklace

Hey Everyone, 

This was my post at Inspiration Cafe for the Bloomin Marvelous series.

So I'm going to be sharing an easy Statement Necklace tutorial based on a strip of ceramic flower shaped beads that just reminded me of a Summer garden.

What you need for a necklace:

1 headpin, jump rings, chain, a clasp, beads and a focal bead.
Pliers (not pictured)
What to do:

1. Thread focal bead and other beads onto the headpin
2.  bend the headpin at a 90 degree angle.
3.  Using round nosed jewelry pliers, bend the headpin back around to form a half loop.
4. Measure the middle of your length of chain and hook the headpin through a link in the chain 
5. Twist the wire of the headpin around the loop.

6. Keep twisting around the loop, pulling the wire neatly in a circle. tuck and tighten the end.
7. Thread seed beads on to jump rings.
8. Work your way along the chain, on either side of the focal, adding the seed beads.
9. Complete the necklace by adding the clasp.


Easy right? So easy!

 It turned out much better than I pictured! Don't you think?

Because I was loving the colour combination so much I whipped up a simple bracelet to match.

I just loved this challenge! I had so much fun making these items.

And they just shout Summer Garden.

I hope you were inspired today and I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial.

Take care everyone

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