Tuesday 27 August 2013

Teal Charm - A Key Pendant

  I love the use of keys in jewelry. 
And I'm busy working on a few pieces to create a line. Hopefully coming out shortly.

I'm loving this piece at the moment...

What do you all think?

I'll be listing this one in my Etsy shop soon.

Take care


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  1. Nat I really love this piece and I think you've done a great job. Well done hun xx

  2. Oh my word! Natalie, this is my all time favorite for sure! I love the way you used both sides of the key in this and the colors are just fab! I also love the way the key lays at an angle! You have outdone yourself this time!

  3. Nat, this really is beautiful. I love how you've paired everything and think it works so well!!!

  4. Stunning, Nat! It's a beautiful mix of color and metal. Your Etsy shop is going to rock!


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