Saturday 19 October 2013

Girl's Swim Bag

I shared this at Inspiration Cafe in August for our "Kidding Around" series.

This is the easiest and quickest project ever! Okay maybe not "ever".. but pretty close!

This project was a great collaboration between my 5 year old and me. 
She desperately needed a new swim bag as her old plastic Dora one was literally held together by a few threads. And the fact that she is nearly 6 and Dora is sooooo 3 years ago, she wanted to choose something more her own style.

A trip to Spotlight was in order and she chose all the components (I had another idea in my head but this time I let her have artistic reign).

What you need for your very own bag:
Stencil, fabric pens and a bag 
(we chose a calico craft bag for approx $6)
The whole project cost $17.

 I placed a sheet of thick cardboard into the bag first just in case the pen came through the fabric, which it didn't, much to my surprise! 
Position the stencil where you want to draw, I didnt measure, which I think you probably should do.
Once you have drawn your design on using fabric markers, iron the bag to set the ink.
I love it and Payton is thrilled with her new bag.

I only drew one flower onto the back of the bag, so it wasn't too plain.

 Payton has it all packed and ready for her next swim class!

Take care


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  1. That was a great project Nat and I think that stencil would also be cute on a pillow!

  2. Still think this is the cutest little swim bag I've ever seen. Kid has great taste.


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