Monday 7 July 2014

Scooby Doo 4th Birthday Party


This weekend we held Maclayne's 4th birthday party. She wanted a Scooby Doo theme as she loves Scooby!  I was really annoyed with myself for not taking many photo's and the ones I did take were pretty blurry as I had my camera on the wrong setting and I was too busy to check. Grrr...

I made my very first pinata, it was so easy and nearly free!!!
This is a phone pic at night, but you can see that it's a ghost (I hope)

blowing in the wind!

We also had a treasure hunt, looking for Scooby treats.

A thief (aka Daddy) dropped in and stole some presents but he was apprehended by Mystery Inc. This was the most fun part for the kids!!!

And no party is complete without loads of yummy food!

And Maclayne's cupcake cake... I can't believe my baby will be 4 this week!
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  1. It looks like such a fun party. I think it's awesome that your husband was a thief, and the pinata turned out great.

  2. My favorite part of this is the hubs being the thief. haha! That would be the best part. I can just see all the kids jumping him. What a great party, you out did yourself.

  3. lol thief great idea! What a fun day for the kids

  4. Natalie that was a fabulous party! How fun to catch a thief! I love that pinata! Could have used those at my pumpkin patch. Look how tall your baby is!


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