Saturday 26 July 2014

Painted Wooden Spoons

 Hi Everyone,

I know painted wooden spoons have been done A LOT in blog world, but I really love them, so had to try them myself!

And they are soooooo easy! Super easy and quick to do.

So go grab yourself a set from the dollar shop and lets paint some wooden spoons! This set was approx $3 and made from bamboo.

Literally all you do is tape around the spoon where you want and paint the ends with your choice of colour. 
Of course I used white paint (Dulux acrylic interior paint) and painted 2 layers.
Once dry I sanded evenly and distressed the edges.
I threaded twine through the holes at the base of the handles, just for a fun look.

I am really happy with the end result. I use them a lot and they have washed extremely well.

 I think this is such a fun, inexpensive gift idea too, don't you?

Take care,



  1. Natalie this is a fun and easy project! Of course I'm eyeing that blue starfish in the background! Did you make it??

  2. I think these would make a great gift. In fact, I need some new wooden spoons...might just have to make myself a gift.

  3. Beautiful way to cheer up some boring utensils


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