Monday 4 August 2014

Girl's Drawer Makeover

 Hey Everyone,

I made over this wee cabinet in a few hours, it was so quick!

When we bought Gabe's bed off Trade Me last year, it came with this extra little drawer set that he didn't want, so it ended up being used as extra storage for the girls clothes. The drawers have a type of laminate on them and were in good nick but the wooden top and sides were scratched and boring!

I painted 2 coats of Dulux Taradale (Pink) on the wooden shell and sanded a bit to neaten up. It was a perfect day for painting, not too hot or cold!

I found these adorable removable wall stickers from the dollar shop and knew they would be perfect on the laminate drawers.

 What's really great about the wall stickers is that when the girls outgrow fairies, they can be easily removed with no damage to the drawers.

Seriously, how cute right?

This project is an epic hit with the girls and I'm really happy with the transformation.

I had the pink paint on hand already so I just spent $3 for the stickers.

Not bad for $3 huh? My kind of makeover!


I hope I've inspired you to tackle an easy little project today.

Take care,



  1. I love a cheap makeover. The dresser looks awesome.

  2. Very cute Nat!! Love that the stickers are removeable and love that at least somebody had a great cabinet makeover!! ;)

  3. Really cute and I love anything removeable perfect for kids. $3 awesome.

  4. What a great project! LOVE the cost! I keep telling the husband that I want him to help me sand and paint our bedroom furniture. He's reluctant. Sigh. But I'm surely not doing it myself?!?!


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