Sunday 1 February 2015

Brutus the Stingray

 Hey everyone,

I just have to share the awesome experience we had today.
My friend told us about this the other day and we decided to take a trip out to Gulf Harbour late this afternoon. 
At the Marina, there are HUGE fish and a special visitor called Brutus.

The owners of a local charter have been feeding the fish for years and were so lovely and friendly, they gave the kids bait and squid to feed the Kingfish and Snapper.

 There are also a few Stingrays making their presence known...

The highlight of the afternoon was meeting Brutus!
He is a stingray who likes to be hand fed by the locals.

Gabe was lucky enough to be given a pilchard to feed him.

 This was my view from the other side of the Marina. None of us expected that Brutus would come to Gabe to be fed...

 Here are the pics from Sean's phone, so much more exciting to be in on the action...


After his snack, Brutus stuck around for a bit of a pat before moving on in search of more food

The kids were so excited about their afternoon and want to go back again, very soon!
A very cool experience for them, Gabe is on such a high! And I'm so proud of how they handled themselves.

Here's a link to the story,if  you would like to read more about Brutus:

Take care



  1. Hi Natalie. What an exciting experience for Gabe, to hand-feed Brutus. I would be over-the-moon, as well, to have had such an experience.

  2. Omg how fun for him it must have been such a rush for him, very cool!

  3. How very awesome! I had no idea you could hand feed a stingray! I have never seen one, but I want to. I can't believe Gabe gave that one a pat! I'd be a little nervous! That first pic of the kids is just adorable.

    1. Thanks hun. Yes you can hand feed them - at our local aquarium they are hand fed too. I was so proud of Gabe for reaching out and touching it too.

  4. wow how wonderful for the kids. We were on a cruise years ago and stood in the water to feed the stingray and they were not only majestic but their backs felt like satin....when we ran out of food they kept rubbing up against our legs it was too cool


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