Wednesday 25 March 2015

Easy Easter Nests

Hey Everyone,

Can you believe its nearly Easter? 

I'm never prepared early enough, but I made these super easy and quick Easter nests for the kids as a treat and now I'll have to make more for next weekend!

You need 3 ingredients for the nest!

Rice cereal, coconut and chocolate buttons

Melt the chocolate buttons in a bowl in the microwave, stir in the rice cereal and coconut. I always add small amounts of cereal and coconut at a time to the chocolate, making sure the chocolate coats evenly.

Press the mixture into a mould (I used my mini muffin tray) and set in the fridge.

Add the speckled eggs and voila!

Seriously, how cute are they? My kids just loved them and they were fun to make too.

Happy Easter!
Take care

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