Thursday 5 March 2015

Modern Buffet Makeover

Hey Everyone,

Finally I'm sharing my buffet!! Only took a while right?

I spotted this Ikea beauty on a local Facebook page and quickly offered all my money!!! Sorry for the blurry pic - we wont discuss my awful cellphone!

 I had planned to wait a while before painting but inspiration struck and I couldn't stop myself!

I wanted a modern piece that still incorporated my favourite white but it also needed to fit in with the beachy look.

I knew I was going to use it to house the TV and decoder so we removed the 3 small drawers and Sean removed the drawer runners and built a shelf.

 I primed the entire piece before painting then painted two coats after the primer. It took a few coats here and there before I was happy with the final look

 I put the original hardware back on...

And distressed the edges ever so slightly...

Then a coat of polish and she was ready to go.

We decided to use her in the living room as a hold all and for the tv.

I am so happy with the end result and still cant believe how well the makeover went. I was fully expecting to have to repaint the whole thing white.

A before and after, just for fun!

Hope you all like it as much as I do, it perfectly matches my striped blanket box too

Take care

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  1. nicely done, Natalie...what was your prep prior to painting? really like the blanket box, as well....

  2. That's great Nat . Looks lovely 😄

  3. Oh my gosh Natalie! I adore this piece! I love the color blocking, which I think is hard to do. You did it masterfully! Very well done! Great to see you posting again too, my friend!

  4. Beautiful, as always! I have four small ikea dressers I need to paint but can't find the time or motivation. Why don't you come on over to Canada and paint them for me?

    1. Aw hun I would love to! How cool would that be huh?


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