Tuesday 29 November 2011

Button Flowers - A Tutorial

Are these not the cutest???
So super easy to make and a fantastic craft to do with the kids.

There are heaps of tutorials on how to make these little gems all over blog world - so why not add one more???

Here are said kids - ever so eager and excited to help mum....

Basically all you need are a selection of buttons, galvanized wire and scissors or pliers.

 Choose 3 buttons of different sizes (also works with 2 buttons)

Stack them....

Cut a piece of wire (double your desired length)

 Thread through one side of holes - loop and thread through the other side

Twist the wire to hold the buttons in place

 I chose to twist the wires all the way to the bottom (Im like that.....)


Then display however you like....

I stuck them in my mom's old vase just to take pictures but they so worked here and that's where they now live....


I spotted this tutorial originally on the jones design company blog

Please go along an check it out - this is a great blog.

Hope you have had some inspiration today...

Take care


  1. some lovely cute ideas here! thank you for sharing- hope you have a great weekend - joined your site!

    1. Hi Kelli - thank you for following - Im following right back. Take care xx Nat

  2. SUper fun! What a fun display for a craft room!!
    Holly @ Lifeasathrifter.com

  3. So cute...and the kids are "cute as a button" too!!! Thanks so much for linking up. I'll be featuring you in the artist talent album on Facebook this weekend <3

    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open


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