Tuesday 29 November 2011

Instant Makeover

Hi all,

I bought this amazing Italian tray a few months ago. I really like it.....

But - it needed something - it was lost on the table....

So???? You guessed it - I painted it ...... WHITE

I love how it "pops" now and its totally more suited to my decor. Now all I need its something to display in it.... Any ideas???

Take care



  1. Shells? Big ones and small ones. Paua, Scallop etc etc Anne-Marie

  2. Lemons & limes
    Pine cones with xmas ribbon on each one
    Red apples

    Lisa :)

  3. Very good ideas - thanks guys. Lisa I will post a pic tomorrow - at the moment the tray has some christmas baubles in it - but not entirely sure about it


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