Friday 25 November 2011

Cube Shelves

Hi everyone,

Going on with my love of all things coastal/beachy - I found this amazing blog: A Beach Cottage - Life by the Sea

Please have a little look and go on the home tour - oh how I want that house and everything in it!!! But realistically with the messy foursome that I live with, it will never happen - all that gorgeous white......sigh!

I have seen cube shelving everywhere and never really taken notice until I saw the Beach Cottage Dining Room.

(image from

I really fell in love with the shelving unit and wanted to replicate it.

2 problems there....... #1 Cube shelves are way out of our price range (aka too expensive) and #2 we do not have that kind of space and I needed to have it off the floor to stop toddler hands destroying everything.

I didn't give up on my idea (poor Sean - I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts most of the time)

Then..... inspiration struck!!!!!!

I have this boring, blah chest of drawers next to the kitchen that doubles as a grocery cupboard and general junk collector......

I found cheap (and I mean cheap - 2 for $25) 3 tier shelves from The Warehouse

The next day I ran a layer of white paint over the drawers to brighten them up (they were a light cream)

Some drilling, wood glue and a few screws later (literally about 20 minutes work) 
and...... Ta Daaaaaa

I have a few fab finds on these shelves that we will chat about another day.....

The baskets hold the kids mega bloks and the drawers now house toys, toys and more toys. 
Practical and exactly what I wanted.....

Have a lovely weekend all, thanks for reading

Take care



  1. Geez woman, is there nothing you can't do!?! :))
    The shelves look great = love the RELAX on top!
    (Now I wonder how long til you paint the inside-back of the cubes ;-)

    I love that cube shelves are so versatile - I have them in the kids' playroom and some cubes hold books, some toys, some baskets for the small stuff etc - got mine at Ikea (read: inexpensive!) LOL


  2. Hi Nats, Wow I'm impressed! They are beautiful. I always find it amusing how some people will pay stupid prices to make their homes look all smart and "withit" - but hey you are proof that one does not need to spend alot to get the same look! A Girl after my own heart :)

    Well done my friend - very very nice :)

    lv Maz

  3. wow Nat - fab idea and thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Looks fantastic Nats :0) Luv Mich P xxx

  5. Thanks guys - I really love that this brightens up our house. And so glad your inspired


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