Wednesday 29 February 2012

Turquoise and Red Bracelet

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share this simple "eternity" inspired bracelet.

It is so, so easy to make and your imagination can go wild with this little project....

Many years ago I had 3 elastic turquoise bracelets which eventually broke and I have had the beads saved for ages. A while back I made a mixed red and turquoise necklace that I ended up taking apart as I didn't like it so much.

But I did (and still do) like this colour combination - it goes really well with denium and white.

Okay, so all you need are beads, crimps, a clasp or toggle and nylon line.

Thread 2 lines of beads...

Bend one line in half and secure the ends - I used a crimp then threaded over it to disguise the end. Secure to your clasp during this step.

Do the same with the second line remember to loop it through the first line of beads - as in the pic below

Here is what it looks like on...

Super easy, right?

Take care, till next time...


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  1. Love it Natalie, it's gorgeous - as with all the jewellry you make !

    1. Thank you so much Fiona - you always leave me such lovely comments xxxx Nat

  2. HI Monica - thank you for the follow xx Nat

  3. Nice work! You are great with making jewelry. Thanks so much for linking up!
    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open

  4. Great idea - I pinned it to my jewelery board.

  5. beautiful! love your choice of color combo and love the eternity look! thank you for sharing at Uncommon! Bonnie;)

  6. What a lovely bracelet, simple, but really effective

  7. What a lovely bracelet. Simple, but really effective.

  8. Love these two colors together! And I love jewelry making! Thanks for sharing


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