Friday 6 April 2012

Computer Desk Makeover

Hi Everyone

I did this desk project last weekend, but I've had all three kiddos sick this week so I havn't been able to post much.

I will admit that our computer desk and general corner of this room is an EYESORE!!!! 
Yes Hubby dear - your little corner of mess and mayhem that causes my OCD to act up something awful!!!!!!

Sean is an IT guy and has computer "bits" everywhere and if he has the space it will get even more out of hand - so a few years ago I made him downsize his corner and the result was a smaller area with much more chaos than even I could have anticipated.

The below picture is pretty cleaned up since I forgot to take a proper before picture

 Since I've started blogging this wee area is now kinda mine ... I think! 

This year (before broken leg) I've noticed Gabe really needs a place to sit and do his homework, and the dining table is always so full of toys and stuff that it just wasn't working for him.
Then I remembered the computer desk we had in storage at the back of a cupboard and decided to give it a makeover.....

I had 2 issues with this desk originally, firstly it was a computer junk collector and eyesore and secondly it was Ugly with a capital UG!!!!!! It is laminated particle board - need I say more!

 With the girls trying to help - I managed to prime....

I painted the base a dark grey blue (not exactly the same colour as before as Sean so excitedly pointed out - HA!)

 And the top? Of course White!!!!

I really wanted to stencil on the desk but the price of an alphabet stencil from Spotlight was a bit high and I wanted to use different fonts. 

So I printed the words out and made my own!

I cut my inspirational words out onto plastic and laid the homemade stencil onto the desk

Using the same colour paint as I used on the base, I gently dabbed the paint over the stencil.

Once dry I gave the whole thing a coat of satin varnish... 

I'm pretty impressed with my stencil and my words of motivation for Gabriel....

 And he had a spot to sit at and do some schoolwork this week

My corner and Gabe's space.....

Like the recycle bin upside down in the middle of the garden?

I hope you like my desk makeover. So far its still tidy and Sean has a little cabinet under the desk for his junk stuff, so I'm happy!

Take care and stop by again soon,



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  1. Natalie, that is awesome! Who wouldn't be inspired sitting there?! Nice job!

  2. Looks fantastic! I would have never thought of using the words like that but it looks great!

  3. Looks fantastic Nats! I myself have kept an inspiring quote close to my heart with regards to dreaming and achieving our goals.
    Gabe is certain to be inspired.


  4. What an awesome makeover, Nat! I love the inspirational words! Great job!

  5. Great job! Looks liked a productive and inspiring space now. Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina


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