Tuesday 10 July 2012

A Bracelet - Butterfly Garden...

 Hey Everyone,

I made a new bracelet... I love bracelets, love them. Can never have enough bracelets in my opinion. So I hope you like bracelets, because I have many more up my sleeve ......okay so that wasn't actually funny ;-)

Anyway.... this little bracelet just made me think of spring. The little green flower bead is actually out of a fun pack I bought for Payton in the kids section of Spotlight.

Here's how you can make a twisted bracelet. 

Select your beads and findings.
Cut 3 lengths of nylon thread (or fishing line)
Loop one end of each thread and crimp - I threaded each loop through my clasp before crimping.
Thread your beads and charms on.
Measure the length against your wrist then end off with a loop and crimp to secure.
Lay the 3 lengths on a flat surface and loosely braid - you may only do 2 or 3 braids.
Add a jump ring to the 3 ends and the clasp .

Cute and so, so simple.... And she looks like spring!

 What do you all think?
Take care



  1. Nice job and a great tutorial! I pinned it!

  2. You are like the bracelet queen!! And most things are better in the garden. :)

    1. Aw thanks Karah.... will be posting a few more soon. I'm addicted xx Nat

  3. I agree - you are the bracelet queen, Nat.
    I just love how you play with different beads. The green rose makes it different and than the butterflies. And a fine touch of pink on top:)
    It's a whole story. Or a garden, yes!

    1. Thanks hunni - I think I quite like the idea of my bracelets / jewellery telling a story. I'll keep that in mind from now on too. Hope you are good xxx nat

  4. Adorable! I love the colors you used!


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