Saturday 19 January 2013

Jewelry Display Holder

Hey Everyone,

Guess I what I finally made? Yup something to hang my jewelry bits up on!!

Last year I bought this old bedside table off Trade Me for a dollar and we converted the table part in to a Little Kitchen Island.
I took the door off and kept it for this very project.

So, I painted it white, then turquoise and distressed it.
Then I screwed in a few spare screws, to hold bracelets and necklaces...

 Applied white card rub-ons (love them!!) 
Added a few painted wooden embellishments, and a wire running along the middle to hang earrings or necklaces on.

I used 3M command strips to secure the door to the wall and there you have it! 
Cute, recycled and functional!
And with some of my items displayed!
 I am really enjoying having all my necklaces hanging up for me to see and choose from. And I like that it matches my room decor!

Take care everyone,




  1. So pretty and functional! My favorite is how you can hang things onto the tips of the LOVE letters too. What a wonderful repurpose. And your jewelry becomes the star of the show. <3

    1. Thanks Sherry - I love being able to see all my stuff now xxx

  2. Nat I totally missed these last two posts!! I love this and those rub-ons are so subtle, yet striking! Cool project!! Love the color too!

  3. I really love this Nats, I am going to try and make it for my 4yod's room when we move! Will let you know how it turns out...considering I'm so NOT crafty :) Noelene xx

    1. Oooh Noels thats a great idea - I never thought of one for Payton! Want to see pics when you do make one okay girl? xx

  4. I absolutely love this display! I like that it's re-purposed from an old cabinet door and that you can pretty much add your own character to it. I'm thinking of doing a couple of these, so I can put my own jewelry collection on display. Now to find some doors... LOL! Thanks for sharing, Natalie!


    1. Thank you so much Paige. I made a few with picture frames for my jewelry show -and they turned out really well too xxx


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