Thursday 3 January 2013

The Story of a Girl and Her Arm

We had a magical Christmas day....full of fun, gifts and food...
After dinner I called tidy up time and the kids started carrying their new toys to the bedroom chatting to each other. We heard a huge crash and Gabe shouting   "Are you okay?" to Payton. 
She had tripped over a small toy box that had NOT been put away and landed on her forearm while carrying her dolls.
Then we heard crying and by the time I got up from playing with Maclayne, she came through holding her arm.
Not screaming in pain, but white as a sheet and again we just knew.....

She complained a wee bit in the car that I was going over bumps too quickly, and she had a cry at the Accident & Emergency because the doctor was taking too long to see us and she wanted to go home... ("please Mum, I wont complain if you go too fast over bumps, I just want to go home")
The nurse gave her a sling, some pain relief and an ice pack to tide her over. Then the doctor saw her and declared that it couldn't be broken as she "wasn't in visible distress". When he touched her arm she just said "Ow" really quietly.

I basically had to insist that I thought her arm was broken and the doctor relented saying it was my $50 if I wanted them to call the radiologist in, on a holiday!!!!

So as you can see...... hmmm!!! Broken !!!

Because the bone was kinda sticking up (not straight) we had to go to Starship Children's Hospital so that her bones could be manipulated straight...

She thought it was awesome having chocolate flavoured laughing gas!!!! 
Check out my seriously brave little girl (see Maclayne in the background, sleeping through the whole thing)

We then had another X-ray and it was a wait in the wheelchair - so much fun!!!

However the manipulation didn't work!
We were sent home and told to come into hospital the next day to be admitted. Payton had to have a manual manipulation under general anesthetic using a live x-ray stream. I never slept and it was an early morning rise for all of us.

Initially she waited very patiently with her arm in a raised sling....
Then not so patiently, so we made the most of the indoor playground !!!
 10 hours later my baby went into theater, I was allowed to go in with her and hold her hand while she went to sleep. She was so brave and not scared at all. Her mama? Yup I was a sobbing mess..... 

She did so well and the procedure was a success. We stayed in over night and were allowed home around lunch time the next day.

Here she is the day after we got out of Starship!!! My child is so darn tough! And stoic!
 We go back to the Hospital tomorrow for the first follow up of many, and I'm hoping that all is still well with the break and it hasn't moved! Whatever happens though, all will work out and Payton's arm will be fine...

But can we be done with broken bones already??? Please?

Take care everyone,




  1. Pure baby girl...wishing her a quick recovery. She is a toughie.

  2. Nat! That girl is so darn cute! I hope you are done with broken bones, sick kids and everything else that you've managed to endure over the crazy holidays!

  3. What a beautiful AND brave girl! So sorry that she was hurt. What a lot of stress at holiday. You have definitely had your share of mishaps this last year. Strong Mama Bear! Love you!

  4. Oh my goodness. That sounds like it was harder on you than on her. What a brave girl!

  5. What a brave little beauty! What a Christmas story! Sending love and hugs to all. xo

    1. Thanks hunni - we both have our girls and their holiday stories !

  6. man! Somebody tell that girl to holler when her arm's broken. :)

  7. Oh my goodness Nat, I can't believe you've been through all that again !
    She does seem like an incredibly brave little girl, here's hoping that 2013 is a little less eventful !!

  8. Oh my...What a little trooper! I've been through that same thing with one of my daughters many years ago, so I can understand the situation and how it made you feel. I'm glad she's on the mend and hopefully there will not be any more casts for your family in 2013!

    Happy, Healthy New Year!

  9. That second to last picture....what a sleeping beauty.

    I know all to well - mom's know best! So glad you insisted and she had the x-ray! Hope she heals quickly. Looking forward to hearing good updates! Hugs to Payton...and you.

  10. et bien elle est vraiment formidable cette petite fille et mignonne je lui fais pleins de bisous pourrais tu me donner ton adresse postal par mail je voudrais lui envoyer une petite carte a bientôt et encore quel courage bisous


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