Tuesday 12 March 2013

Beaded Memory Wire Ring

Hey Everyone,

I shared this super easy memory wire ring a few weeks ago at My Favorite Finds.
 Did you know I was a monthly contributor at My Favorite Finds? Well I am - you should check out Carrie's blog, its so awesome...and I'm there!!!

Okay so onto the ring...
What you will need:
Ring memory wire , beads of your choice, a blingy button and long nosed pliers. ( I also used jewelry pliers but if you don't have those, its no biggie)

What to do:
Cut a length of memory wire roughly the the number of times you want it to wrap around your finger.
Thread the button on first and position it in the middle of your ring.
Thread beads on one side until you're satisfied with how it looks, then loop the end to finish it off. 
Continue on the other side of the button, cut off excess wire,  loop and end off. 
I didn't worry how the ends looked, as long as they dont stab your finger when the ring is on.

So, so easy...

I have to admit that it's a little too blingy for me and when I do get around to making myself one, I'll use a more subtle button.

However it does look really cute on my friend's hand, don't you think?

 I hope you have been inspired to try this super easy project today, it doesn't take up a lot of time and the end result is really rewarding especially if you're giving it as a gift.

 Take care everyone


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  1. I LOVE this ring! It's so pretty! As always, you did an awesome tutorial! Pinned!!! Thanks for the great share, Nat! xo

  2. très bonne idée et super sympa merci pour ce partage excellent biz

  3. Nat I'm loving this memory wire ring I'd wear that instead of a wedding ring especially if it was just a plain band you wanted to dress up. Will be sending beads soon just been sick so hoping for early next week. Love Megan xxx

  4. That's so pretty! I need to get me some ring memory wire, I only have bracelet-sized. Visiting from Happy Hour Projects.

    1. I have to say the memory wire this size is quite hard ot work with as its quite stiff, but still worth the outcome xxx Nat

  5. Wow Natalie, this is so beautiful! You have very lucky friends xxx

    1. Oh thank you hun - I'm luck to have such lovely friends xxx

  6. Very pretty, and it would be easy to change up the beads for a lot of different looks.


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