Tuesday 14 May 2013

Anzac Biscuits and a Birthday

Hey Everyone,

Today I wanted to wish Mel from Mellywood's Mansion a very Happy Birthday and while I'm at it, show you the Anzac Biscuits I made of hers..

To get this awesome recipe click here...

I have a recipe for Anzac biscuits too, but no-where near as good as Mel's. 
After devouring the double batch I made last weekend, the kids have asked that these be a regular feature in their lunch boxes!

Thank you Mel, we just love these biscuits...

Take Care




  1. They do look yum! Must pop over and wish Mel a happy birthday!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  2. Hi Nat. What a lovely blog! I've added you to my news feed :) Will be great to read about the North Shore from someone else :) Thanks again for stopping by my blog too :) Penny x

    1. Thanks Penny - so glad to know a fellow NorthShore blogger xxx Nat

  3. Yummm Nat! What a great way to honor Mels birthday!

  4. Seriously, making these! They look so delicious! and, get this, my store has a small section where it sells Golden syrup. It's probably $20 bucks for a small tin, but I am so making them!

  5. Nummm nummm nummm! Such a sweet post all around - from the sweet Anzac Biscuits to the sweet birthday wish for Mel! Love this post! I'll be making Mel's Biscuits, Danni's Cardamom Cookies, Heather's Panzanella Salad and your Champion Cheese Muffins in the near future! I think I'll be needing some pants that have an elastic wasteband :) xo

  6. It's about 10 o'clock at night and I feel like something sweet to eat, and your biscuits look yummy. I think I'm just a bit too lazy to make anything now, maybe another day !

  7. I'd like to have one of these right now w/my coffee.


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