Thursday 9 May 2013

"One Million People Can't Be Wrong" - Snickerdoodle Donut Muffins

Every so often, someone comes into your life, 
someone you may never meet "in real life", but have spent hours talking to on the phone or daily, online. 
Someone who lives a gazillion miles away in a different country but may as well live right next door.... 

someone really special...
My awesome friend Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird

So last week Mary celebrated a HUGE milestone in her blogging career.... she hit one million page views!
I have 3 other incredible woman in my life, my amazing friends and co-bloggers at Inspiration Cafe, Mel, Danni and Heather
And today we all decided to blog bomb Mary by each knocking off one of her posts and showing her how much we love her.  
She has no idea....ha ha ha..

Check it out Mary..... I made your Snickerdoodle Donut Muffins! 

 And they are the yummiest donuts Ever !!! So easy!
As I was hauling the tray out the oven they were disappearing as fast as the kids could eat them. This is definitely going to be a family favourite recipe...

For the recipe and to check out Mary's blog click here...

So this was my afternoon coffee and treat the other day...yes while chatting with my 4 lovely friends....perfect rainy day comfort food! 

Pop over to Mel, Danni and Heather's blogs today too, and see what they knocked off of Mary's.

Take Care




  1. Yummmmmmmmy, you've done Mary proud, xo

  2. I will be making these Saturday morning! Yummm! Once again Nat, your pictures are so great! Looks like I could reach right out and take a bite!

    1. I'm dying for one now Danni - I hope you made them - so yum xxx

  3. Yummm... I could use a few of these right now!! What a great surprise for Mary. A million views! Wow!!

  4. These look so good. I think I must have them this weekend. Your pics turned out so pretty!

  5. I love you girls. LOVE. This was the biggest, sweetest surprise ever. Like Danni said, I'm late to my own party, I should have jumped on the computer earlier!!! I am so touched by all of your posts. More than you girls will ever know. I love that you made these donuts, they are a family favorite! I love knowing that you had a snickerdoodle donut with your morning coffee. :) Your pics are awesome (food setting? hahaha)- I would love to have a donut with you in your kitchen, sipping coffee, chatting up a storm inside, while it's all stormy outside.

    Thank you much, I am so touched. I am one lucky, blessed girl to be able to call you my friends. I love you girls. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Haha - yup Food Setting!!!! You rock hun.
      Seriously I'm so proud of you - you have done so so well.
      Wish we could catch up over coffee and your great treats'
      Love ya

  6. You girls are so sweet to honor Mary, this way!! Congrats to her, what lovely friends she has! ~ Amy

    1. We love Mary - she is such a lovely person and a wonderful friend - thank you Amy xxx


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