Friday 21 June 2013

Lighthouse Love

A couple of months ago, while cruising around a thrift shop, I spotted this lighthouse in all it's awful glory....
And I decided for $8, I would take it home and work some magic!

It sat for a few weeks until I got up the courage to sand it down and paint it..

Well paint it, I did.... Then after distressing it, I decided a nice rub down with some dark wood stain and it would look awesome...

Ummm!!! Yeah....not!

Again, the poor sad thing sat waiting for me to give it another try.
I worked harder to get it looking even and weathered. 

And it's perfect with my beachy themed decor.
 I'm really glad I gave it a second chance! 
I bet my family thought they were going to have to live with that ugly lighthouse! It's cute now though!

And so...a before and after..... aaah I love my lighthouse!

Take care everyone

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  1. Oh it is cute, my nephew loves light houses my mum has even made him a light house quilt for his birthday. You did an awesome job on it xo

    1. Gah you've reminded me I never showed you the quilt I still love this Nat, thanks for linking xo

  2. So pretty! I am glad you stuck with it...and made it perfect.

  3. Soooo much better! I love beachy decor, probably because we live on the coast :) When I was a child my parents were friends with a lighthouse keeper, but it is all automated now.

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  4. Great makeover Natalie, though I didn't mind the black and red version, but both miles better than your starting point. Now you have something that totally fits with your lovely beachy d├ęcor !

  5. Natalie that is wonderful! I love it! Your perseverance sure paid off...what a great find!

  6. Beautiful, Nat!! I really love how you brought pale yellow into the mix, it's so unique! Pinned and Sharing on FB. It makes me want to head to the beach right now, too bad it's raining! ~ Amy

  7. OMG, your lighthouse is so adorable....I love just it!!!I want to go the beach now! Such a great job. The first attempt wasn't bad - vary cute....but I LOVE the new one. LOVE. And the bird....too cute!!! Awesome, awesome job!!!


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