Tuesday 4 June 2013

Spiral Suncatchers

Well its officially Winter here and I mean cold, rainy and absolutely NO sun at all...none!!!

I made these easy Sun Catchers a few weeks ago when we did actually have sun and thought I would keep them to share when it was really miserable here, so I could cheer myself up too...

They are so easy to make and look really pretty and cheerful hanging against the window...

What you need:

memory wire 
a head pin
a large glass or faceted bead
pliers (not pictured)

Following my picture instructions you cant go wrong.

What to do:

Thread the faceted bead onto the headpin and secure it.
Using the pliers form a loop at one end of the memory wire. 
Thread the large bead on and close the loop.
Thread beads onto the memory wire
Form a loop at the end 
Thread string or wire through the end loop, and hang the sun catcher up.

 I made a girly pink one for the kids' room, using plastic beads and its just as sparkly in the sun...

 I love how they bounce around and catch the sun, so cute and so cheerful.

Take care


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  1. So sweet, I might need to cheer up my dreary winter :)

  2. I totally want to make one!! Can I make me a sun catcher instead of jewelry?

  3. Your suncatchers are so beautiful, Nat! I love them. They must make those dark, cold rainy days a little brighter! Pinning! As always, you rock the tutorials!!!

  4. Natalie these are beautiful! I think they would look pretty on a Christmas tree too! Fun project and I hope you get some sun soon!

  5. We have your sun Nat, sorry !
    It's so warm here (for us),so the café is busy, and I'm shattered all the time and don't blog much.
    I am trying to do bits in my garden and these would look great, but I might have to make them in our winter, ready for next summer ! Lovely idea x

  6. Sorry your weather has turned, but I hope your pretty sun catchers are doing the trick!! So pretty!! I'm pinning ~ Amy

  7. Hi Natalie. I found your post on pinterest and love your suncatchers. I want to make these at a camp i'm in charge of this summer so I'm trying to practice making one first. I'm not sure where to get the wire. I found some memory wire at wal-mart but it has a very tight twist and seems a lot smaller than yours. I was wondering if you have any advice on where to buy the wire? . Also how long was your wire? Maybe I'm thinking it's bigger than it actually is.

    1. Hi Liz - you're a no-reply blogger so I'm hoping you check back in to find my answer.
      I just bought the cheapest memory wire I could find from my local craft store (Spotlight - here in New Zealand) - what you can do is gently stretch the wire out and it should give you a bigger loop. Also the heavier your beads are the more it will stretch. And the length is up to you - I threaded all my beads then snipped off when done - I didnt pre-measure.
      Good luck - its so easy and so fun - I would love to see a pic when you're done :-) xx Nat

  8. I'm not sure if my last comment posted or not so I'm sending another. I love your suncatchers and have a few questions about making them. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of where you bought the memory wire for the sun catchers. I just bought some at wal-mart but it seems like a really tight spiral and not quite like your pictures. The one I bought was 5 ft also. does that seem like how long yours was?


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