Thursday 6 June 2013

The Key to Love

 Someone asked me yesterday why they hadn't seen most of my pieces, here on my blog...

And I really had to think about it. Am I only going to post tutorials? And keep my finished pieces strictly for Etsy and Felt?

I am really busy these days creating and I havn't had much time to write or craft. But I'm not posting my creations on my blog and really I should! 

I dont want this to become primarily a jewelry blog and I don't want my blog to be about selling but I am about sharing...
 So I what I'm getting at, is that I will start showing my creations here on my blog and I hope you will enjoy seeing them.

This piece is called "The Key To Love"

Take care



  1. Just beautiful Natalie!!!
    Have a great wknd,

  2. Gorgeous Nst, yay I think hosing you pieces is a great idea!

  3. I agree with Mel...except for the fact that she called you Nst :) ...but I do want to see everything you make! Love this!

  4. Yes! Please post your pieces! I so love seeing them and you are so darn good at designing jewelry Nat!

  5. Thanks for showing you pieces, Nat!! They are definitely worth the view, this is gorgeous!!

  6. That is beautiful. Your reputation with jewelry proceeds you, though...this is as beautiful as any of the other pieces I have seen. I hope it sells quickly.


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