Wednesday 23 November 2011

Gallery Wall

I have wanted a gallery wall forever and after drooling over dozens of blogs and the featured gallery walls - I finally did my own.....

I painted and prepped frames for ages and once the wall was done I really did like it.......

But something was missing - I wasn't sure what.....

Until my very talented son came home from school with this painting....

 (sorry about the angle but there was so much reflecting light)

And I knew that the colour's of my frames were all wrong! My colour scheme is not really brown - so what was I thinking when setting the wall up?

I knew that Gabe's painting was going to have a spot on the wall so I used the colours from his creation to inspire me.

And now it looks like this.......

So much brighter and I love it! Its my new happy place.......

Payton and I have both contributed our works of art to the wall too....

Hope I have inspired you all.....

Take care


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  1. This is awesome have such inspirational ideas. You really need to be an interior designer. :-) Anne-Marie

  2. That looks fantastic Nats :0) Luv Michelle P xx

  3. Been having a better look around - love your gallery wall, and especially the last picture.
    Did you make that ? Perhaps you could do a post on it if you did (sorry if you already have and I missed it), it just looks so interesting.

    1. Yes Fiona - I made it - but it was my second post and I didnt have a clue what I was doing to be honest - so unfortunately I didnt write a post on it - but you have given me an idea for writing it up soon....How funny to get your message as I was just looking at it today - thinking I might take it down as it doesnt really go with everything else - but now Im keeping it up! xx Nat

  4. Thanks for the link Natalie. It's a huge gallery wall, like 4 times the size of mine, very nice job!

  5. The gallery wall looks fabulous! Love all the different color frames and using your children's drawings!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline - Im still loving this part of my house xx Nat


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