Thursday 1 December 2011

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar 2011

Admitedly this post should have been done a week or so ago - but the glue is literally still drying on this - I ran out of time.... and of course the 1st of December starts the countdown so I had better be ready by morning for the kids to start the excitement.....

Real quick - this is what I did, 25 empty matchboxes,

I played around with them as you can see - trying to figure out the Christmas tree shape I wanted.

I cheated and found a pack of 50 gift tags to use. You can really let your imagination go wild here,

I quickly painted the sides white - note time was not on my side so i took many shortcuts.

I grabbed the glue gun and glued the matchboxes onto the tags - and let me tell you here and now (and for any future posts) the hot glue gun is NOT my friend - I think my kindergarten child can operate it better than I can.

Once dry - I embellished each box - some with glitter, some with gold string around them - done in such a hurry.....

 Again working out the basic shape I wanted.

I got Sean to pre-cut me a piece ot MDF board - I slapped on a bit of paint (snow) and more glitter - hot glued each box on and there you have it!

Oh the star on the top - pilfered from my middle child's stash of fairy wands - lets hope she doesn't notice.

You can also put whatever you want into each day's box - I decided that we weren't going to do too much chocolate this year - but of course its not off the menu completely, the kids will also find balloons, stickers and decorations for the tree as treats.

Enjoy the first day of December and opening the first window of the advent calendars.
And I hope you have been inspired.....

Take care everyone,

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  1. Very nice Nats! I'd like to know where you get the time to do all these Creative things - with 3 small kiddies - girl!!!

    You are doing so well and so talented.

    Love ur New creations

  2. Thanks Maz - I "find" the time in the wee hours and during nap times. Some days are easier than others. Thank you for your lovely comments Nat xx

  3. Fantastic Nats !
    Luv Mich P xx


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