Thursday 29 March 2012

10 Good Things About A Broken Leg

10 good things about having a broken leg (if you're a 7 year old boy...)

1. You can still battle like a Jedi.....

 2. Mum will make an awesome ice-cream cake for your birthday..... (with a Star Wars topper)

3. You can shoot your Nerf gun at everything and make everyone else pick up the bullets... All. Over. The. House!!!

4. Your parents will never leave your side.... (ie... they become your slaves...)

5. You can choose the colour of your cast..... bright green is best....

 6. You get stickers and lollipops just for having an x-ray

 7. You can watch t.v. and eat as much as you want......whenever you want...

8. All your buddies (aka... girls...) from school will write you letters... telling you that you are missed...

 9. Face painting, balloon guns and lollipops.... how much better can it get?

 10. Dad is allowed to write dumb things on your cast......

Now I'm not saying - go out and break your leg..... but.....

Its pretty cool when you're 7!!!



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  1. This is the SWEETEST post, Natalie. Gabe is such a cutie pie, I want to squeeze him through the computer. Looks like he's a real trooper :O) I love the face painting pic!!! Looks like he had a fabulous birthday! What a great mum ~ I like saying MUM ;-) Oh - and I LOVE your new "About Me" pic, beautiful girls!

    Have a great weekend!

    I hope to check in over break...fingers crossed for a good connection!

    xxoo ~ Mary

    1. Aw thank you so much Mary - he is a cutie pie - my boy! He was in so much pain on his birthday - he has a few friends surprise him for an hour. Bless him he sat watching them running around and said to me - Mum this is the best day ever. Well I had to leave the room to cry. Hugs xx Nat

  2. talk about making the best of a bad situation, glad he is doing ok broken leg and all!

    here from #findingthefunny!

  3. What a fun post...looks like he's got this broken leg thing figured out!

    1. Its taken a while but he is a little pro now xxx Nat

  4. Hey! That almost makes me want to break my leg! Do adults get the same privileges? I have a 7-year-old boy, too. I can't imagine him rolling around the house like that. I guess it is a character builder, too, right? Your son has to learn patience. He looks adorable! He definitely seems to be enjoying his temporary patient status. Thanks for linking this up with us over at #findingthefunny last week!

    1. Oh of course adults get the same privileges lol. Not long to go now and that awful green cast comes off - yay! xx Nat

  5. This post cracked me up! I hope he healed up okay!

    1. Thanks Diane - its taken us 6 months almost to get him fully healed - we go for a final check up next week. We dodged pins by the hairs on our necks. Gabe is a trooper though and I think secretly enjoyed all the attention xx Nat


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