Thursday 15 March 2012

Butterfly Creek

Hi Everyone,

Payton's Kindergarten went on a fab trip to Butterfly Creek yesterday. 

Unfortunately I couldn't go as a parent helper because Sean was on a course at work and Gabe has a broken leg . The lovely Jo (Bella's mum) has very kindly said I could use the photographs she took.

Butterfly Creek is an amazing place to visit - we have been a few times as a family and each time has been awesome.

There is a tropical Butterfly House, Insect displays, Petting Zoo, Children's Playground, the Red Admiral Express Steam Train and the Salt Water Crocodiles - a huge favourite with the kids.
On the Bus
with Bella at the entrance
Inside the Butterfly House
Beautiful Butterfly
Feeding Time
A Tropical Climate is the perfect place for a Banana Tree

Exercising the Crocs
Feeding the goats
On the Train together - great friends
My beautiful girl

 I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into one of Auckland's best attractions.

Take care, and a huge thank you to everyone for your kind messages for Gabe, they are gratefully received. I will keep you updated



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