Wednesday 6 June 2012

Chalkboard Stickers

Hi Everyone,

 I wanted to tell you about this amazing find....

Chalkboard Stickers !!!

I was admiring a friend's chalk board on the side of her kitchen cabinet, wondering where she got it from (Hi Lizzie *waving*), because I need to get blackboard paint for a few small projects, but its just so expensive. And she informed me that she got the "stickers" from the dollar shop.....

Whaaaat? How come I did not know about this wonderful invention?


My entrance storage bench went from this...
to this.....

My kitchen notice board went from this....
to this.....

And the Weekly Planner sticker is up on my kitchen cupboard door

My projects are now complete, and for $12 ($4 each) compared to the $30 for the small tin of paint!

 So cool




  1. Awesome! I've never heard of chalkboard stickers...but I'll look for them here.

  2. I never knew there were chalkboard stickers!!! What a quick and easy project - it's so cute....and useful!!! I love the transformation!!!

  3. Those look so good! I need the weekly planner one for my fridge for sure.

  4. Love chalk board stuff! What a cute idea!


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