Sunday 1 July 2012

Face Painting Fail... Butterflies

My kids are face painting fanatics/lunatics

They will stand in line for ages to get theirs faces painted. They will elbow other kids and stand their ground for hours. They will decide for definite what they will be having and stick to it... nothing will come between them and the facepainter...

Some days they get a real artiste.... others???? 
Not so great

I sure do love both the good and bad paintings. Hope you do too....

Look at Payton - just gorgeous with her "Monarch Butterfly"





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  1. I have myself had a little dabble with Facepainting and it is so much fun.
    Love both Nats, the best thing about facepainting is kids love anything and the smile on their faces make it so worthwhile! :)))

    xxx Audra

    1. The kids do love it even when the picture is a little awful. It makes me happy to have them happy so anything goes really xxx

  2. How fun and nailed it. We have facepainting at our pumpkin patch and you are right, kids are just wild about it!

    1. So wish we could visit your pumpkin patch Danni - we would all love it xxx

  3. Haha!! Love the contrast! (Thanks for linking this up with us over at #findingthefunny a couple of weeks ago!)

    1. We have had some really great experiences and others have been pretty funny xx


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