Sunday 7 October 2012

Silver Ring Makeover

For those of you who've been around my blog a while, you'll know how I love to recycle or upcycle my  jewelry, making new pieces out of old....

Look what I got my Sean to make for me last weekend.

Sigh.... is it not gorgeous???

First up let me tell you that Sean was very, VERY skeptical when I proposed my plan to him. But he eventually agreed that if I didn't kill blame him if it all went wrong then he would do my bidding...

I have a wide band Sterling Silver ring that I love but it was in need of a makeover or a good polish and an odd earring that I don't think has ever had a partner.

 So.... Sean drilled a teeny tiny hole in the ring with his special drill bit. 

Note how he made the hole on the dented side of the ring - just in case it looked awful. He was really surprised how hard silver is to drill through.

He applied some E6000 glue to the underside of the earring and pushed it through the hole and left it to set. Once that was done, I snipped the long bit off the back of the earring and Sean polished the inside of the ring with his drill thingy again, so that it wouldn't scratch my finger.

Now I have a beautiful new ring....I just love it!

I think it may actually be my favourite piece of jewelry ever...

Happy weekend everyone



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  1. Natalie, your Sean is one special guy and you are very creative...I would have never thought of this in a million years!! Love it...*sigh*...

  2. Oh Natalie I love what you created. I'm a silver girl so as soon as I saw the picture I was interested. What a creative pair you two are, wish my husband was then we might own some power tools lol

    1. Megs - I'm so a silver girl - I even wear a silver ring in place of my gold wedding band. Thanks hun xxx

  3. What a beautiful ring, Nat! You two make a great team! So clever - and sweet.

  4. You two are so clever! I'm with the others in that it would never cross my mind to alter a ring like this. It was a great idea, Nat, and Sean did a wonderful job making it. And nobody has to die or feel bad cuz it all worked out beautifully ;)

    1. Hehe thanks Sherry - I think Sean sighed a huge sigh of relief too xxx

  5. It looks great! It looks like it was always that way!
    Thank you for linking up at the Wildly Original party.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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